Bricks & Clicks: A Changing of the Guard?

By Jack Brumby
The latest clothing market figures show High Street clothes retailing is a bloody business. Meanwhile, upstart online retailers go from strength to strength…

Overfocusing on sales growth?

By Jack Brumby
There’s no Holy Grail. Sales & margin need to be considered together. Capex needs to be rationed and, at the end of the day, it’s cash that matters…

Inflation: Friend or Foe?

By Mark Brumby
Many consumers have little or no first-hand experience of inflation
The two 5% spikes in 2008 and 2011 were ‘aberrations’
We were in short pants (or not born) in the 20% plus days of the 1970s…

Restaurants in US hit bump, any UK read-across?

By Mark Brumby
Gloomy comments Stateside:
4 Jan: NPD Group says ‘a restaurant industry that struggled with weak sales and traffic in 2016 shouldn’t expect much improvement in 2017.’
4 Jan: NPD ‘expects restaurant industry traffic to remain stalled in 2017’. It sees a shift from dine-in to quick-service…

Food Critics go Viral: YouTubing ‘The Pengest Munch’

By Jack Brumby
Younger consumers mean you cannot ignore the internet:
‘Online’ isn’t just a buzzword, it’s a key battleground. Social media engagement (when navigated correctly) is a potent asset…