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60 Seconds. Actions Speak Louder than Words…:

Demand softer & economy is slowing; why so little comment? Data shows construction, industrial output & manufacturing output fell in Q2 Car production is lower year to date & GDP targets may be undershot Big ticket spending (see e/ms) may bear the brunt House transactions, furniture sales & car sales are slowing but holidays look…

60 Seconds. Market Evolution, Supply, supply, supply & Demand…:

Is the market over-supplied or is demand softening? Recent trading updates: Burger, chicken & pizza are amongst the most reliable of casual dining fayre Hence recent troubles at Ed’s Easy Diner, Comptoir Group, Tasty, Richoux & even bar group Revolution, aren’t too much of a surprise But Restaurant Group provides burger, chicken & pizza &…

The Alchemy of Oversupply — Turning A1 into A3

As retail continues to move out of brick & mortar, who is left to fill the void?

Overfocusing on sales growth?

By Jack Brumby
There’s no Holy Grail. Sales & margin need to be considered together. Capex needs to be rationed and, at the end of the day, it’s cash that matters…

Inflation: Friend or Foe?

By Mark Brumby
Many consumers have little or no first-hand experience of inflation
The two 5% spikes in 2008 and 2011 were ‘aberrations’
We were in short pants (or not born) in the 20% plus days of the 1970s…