Langton has a burger…Patty & Bun

November 19 2015

Like many London restaurants generating buzz these days, Patty & Bun was born as a pop-up before making the transition to a more permanent establishment.

At the forefront of what seems like a bit of a better-burger revolution, the group’s recently-opened second site just off Liverpool Street stands opposite what is apparently the UK’s busiest McDonalds. That doesn’t seem to have put the crowds off, however. The unit is compact and bustling – the kind of site that fills up easily with chatter and energy – with exposed brick walls and a takeaway hatch to tap into the busy office lunch time trade.

Langton tried one Ari Gold burger (£7.50) and one Lambshank Redemption (£8) – ‘tried’ as the patty was bursting out of its brioche bun creating all manner of mess. Most of the food ended up on the plate, but an attempt was made.

Puns aside, the Lambshank is flavoured with coriander, chilli and cumin aioli and well worth a try both for its taste and to check out how the new guys continue to freshen up burger menus.

Patty & Bun jostles with the likes of MeatLiquor, Honest Burger, Five Guys, Dirty Burger and more established players like Gourmet Burger Kitchen – and that’s just in London. McDonald’s has seen the need to respond to the heightened competition and creativity in its sector, recently trialling a range of premium burgers.

It seems like life has never been better for foodies. The burgers hit the spot and, whilst Langton gets a nosebleed paying anywhere near a tenner for a burger, the crowds suggested that the product was seen as decent VFM elsewhere.