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Leisure & Wealth Inequality – The Young Suffer what they Must:

Wish you were younger? Yes, but…what about car insurance, student loans, house prices, later retirement, worse pensions and less job security? What about zero hour contracts, a clogged health service, higher taxes, the environment & the wrinklies’ last bequest, Brexit? Deloitte today tells us that, whilst spending across older age groups has held up, younger…

60 Seconds on Experience, Esports, and Elusive Profits

If you want to sound like you know what’s up, just figure out a way to get ‘experience’, ‘esports’, ‘ping-pong’, and ‘food courts’ into a sentence or two. For example: ‘I’m so tired of boring old pubs serving evil, corporate lager — I’m much more into esports — more like THE sports, am I right! — and I love buying new experiences at my local food court. Most of all though, at the end of the day, I just want to drink cocktails and play ping pong in a basement somewhere.’

60 Seconds on Game Digital — a desperate evolution

Transient Tech Technology is darwinian and physical video games are facing extinction. MP3 files heralded the decline of CDs. Now, Game Digital (GMD) can’t shift physical video games. Although GMD is moving towards a growth area in esports, this is because its hand has been forced. GMD: Short leases & Esports Operationally, GMD is in…

60 Seconds on eSports and the leisure industry

The rapid rise of eSports: eSports has become somewhat of a sensation in the last few years, reaching an audience of 191m global enthusiasts according to Newzoo. Professional gaming teams will fight it out in the competitions, which have prize pools well into the millions of dollars for the biggest games. The competitions span the globe with…

Crowdfunding in the crosshairs?

AKA shocks, regulation, fallacy of ‘5 sigma’ events & Crowd-Funding: Q: If ‘five sigma’ events should only happen 1 in 3.5m times, why are they so frequent? A: Because there is no normal distribution. A: And we suffer from over-optimism, wilful blind spots, call it what you will. A: And regulators, politicians etc. may interfere,…

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