Archive: July 2017

60 Seconds on Game Digital — a desperate evolution

Transient Tech Technology is darwinian and physical video games are facing extinction. MP3 files heralded the decline of CDs. Now, Game Digital (GMD) can’t shift physical video games. Although GMD is moving towards a growth area in esports, this is because its hand has been forced. GMD: Short leases & Esports Operationally, GMD is in…

60 Seconds on eSports and the leisure industry

The rapid rise of eSports: eSports has become somewhat of a sensation in the last few years, reaching an audience of 191m global enthusiasts according to Newzoo. Professional gaming teams will fight it out in the competitions, which have prize pools well into the millions of dollars for the biggest games. The competitions span the globe with…

60 Seconds. Market Evolution, Supply, supply, supply & Demand…:

Is the market over-supplied or is demand softening? Recent trading updates: Burger, chicken & pizza are amongst the most reliable of casual dining fayre Hence recent troubles at Ed’s Easy Diner, Comptoir Group, Tasty, Richoux & even bar group Revolution, aren’t too much of a surprise But Restaurant Group provides burger, chicken & pizza &…

The Alchemy of Oversupply — Turning A1 into A3

As retail continues to move out of brick & mortar, who is left to fill the void?

60 Seconds. Slack Money, the hunt for yield & over-building:

Interest rates last rose over 10yrs ago (on 5 July 2007). Slack money got us through the worst of the aftermath of the Credit Crunch but where’s the road back?