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Leisure & Wealth Inequality – The Young Suffer what they Must:

Wish you were younger? Yes, but…what about car insurance, student loans, house prices, later retirement, worse pensions and less job security? What about zero hour contracts, a clogged health service, higher taxes, the environment & the wrinklies’ last bequest, Brexit? Deloitte today tells us that, whilst spending across older age groups has held up, younger…

60 Seconds on Cinema (‘…struggling, sagged & faded…’)

A desperate situation?

Film is (or has been) a proxy for Leisure Park attendances.
But data from the US shows both production and demand wilting.
It had been hoped that rebooting 70s classic would revitalise the industry.

60 Seconds on Experience, Esports, and Elusive Profits

If you want to sound like you know what’s up, just figure out a way to get ‘experience’, ‘esports’, ‘ping-pong’, and ‘food courts’ into a sentence or two. For example: ‘I’m so tired of boring old pubs serving evil, corporate lager — I’m much more into esports — more like THE sports, am I right! — and I love buying new experiences at my local food court. Most of all though, at the end of the day, I just want to drink cocktails and play ping pong in a basement somewhere.’

60 Seconds on cinemas: A tough year in prospect?

The current situation: US cinema attendances are down 52% y-t-d (per Box Office Mojo). BOM unhelpfully adds ‘summer 2017 is closing out with the worst Labor Day weekend in 17yrs’. Such trends have a habit of crossing the pond. How did we get here?     TV did the damage 50yrs ago.     Cinema subsequently rallied…

The Alchemy of Oversupply — Turning A1 into A3

As retail continues to move out of brick & mortar, who is left to fill the void?