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CVAs — supporting businesses or spoiling them?

You can’t give her that!’ she screamed. ‘It’s not safe!’ IT’S A SWORD, said the Hogfather. THEY’RE NOT MEANT TO BE SAFE. ‘She’s a child!’ shouted Crumley. ‘ IT’S EDUCATIONAL. What if she cuts herself?’ THAT WILL BE AN IMPORTANT LESSON. CVAs on the rise… So says Terry Pratchett in Hogfather — and he has…

Doing a Dignity — Who’s Next?

Many public companies, in search of forever-growth, have walked said path. Recent examples include Tesco’s c£250m profit misstatement in 2014, Restaurant Group’s profit warnings in 2016, and, most recently, Dignity’s slightly undignified tumble…

Shopocalypse Now — Coming to a High Street Near You

Looking around the High Street and listening to the news gives us a new film idea: Shopocalypse Now
Starring plucky (and possibly doomed) heroes Debenhams, House of Fraser, New Look, Maplin, and Toys R Us…

Rents Poised to Fall: Who Benefits?

The Times They Are A Changin’ Landlords have profited from the boom in casual dining. Low interest rates, deep pockets, and lots of vacant A1 units have encouraged growth. Supply is reaching a tipping point, particularly in London; the market is saturated. Interest rates, input costs, wages, competition, etc. have led operators to trim their…

Online Retail and the High Street Vacuum

The High Street and department stores must fill the vacuum left by online retailing. This might entail a shift towards a wider variety of leisure pursuits.

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