60 Seconds on Cinema (‘…struggling, sagged & faded…’)

October 9 2017

A desperate situation?

  • Film is (or has been) a proxy for Leisure Park attendances.
  • But data from the US shows both production and demand wilting.
  • It had been hoped that rebooting 70s classic would revitalise the industry.
  • But down 52% year to date is hardly inspiring. Langton comment here.


Big releases have recently stumbled…

  • An autumn recovery looked on the cards. ‘Blade Runner: 2049’ was critically acclaimed.
  • But since release, Box Office Mojo (BOM) tells us the film struggled, the BBC claims it sagged and Reuters says it faded.
  • The film only took $31.5m of the $45-50m expected on its domestic opening weekend.


A mortal blow to the big screen?

  • It’s a sample of one but is a strong release schedule enough to buoy attendances?
  • Hurricanes Stateside don’t help but perhaps agile on-demand competitors are taking share from cinema. Customers may favour streaming from home.
  • Currently, many industries are facing significant ‘sea-changes’. High-street retail is disrupted by online, casual diners by delivery and hotels by the sharing economy etc.
  • Cinema is not immune & its draw for leisure park-based F&B outlets may be weakening.