Next Q3 — Missing out on Millennials?

May 4 2016

The consumer — what’s going on? 

  • So the Next Q3 results reveal the management are of the view that ‘the poor performance of the last six weeks may be indicative of weaker underlying demand for clothing and a potentially wider slowdown in consumer spending.’
  • But attributing a 4.7% slump in NXT Retail sales to a wider consumer slowdown might not tell the whole story.
  • Unreasonable weather aside, people are still buying clothes — they are just buying them differently.
  • Enter the shift to smartphones and the post-millennial, on-demand, everything-now attitude of the modern consumer.

Evidence of spillover to the Leisure sector…

  • People are going less to watch films at retail parks, according to RTN, which is where a no. of its sites are situated.
  • Perhaps people are going less because they are instead sat at home, with their laptops and smartTVs?
  • Where everything in the history of cinema is just a click away, from pre-Georges Méliès’ Le Voyage Dans La Lune right up to a bootlegged, piratebay copy of today’s latest blockbuster.
  • Further evidence can be seen in the widespread migration of betting firms onto mobile platforms (see PPB’s update, covered in our morning email).

Ongoing changes irreversible…

  • What if:
    • Consumer spend is not slowing, it is just changing.
    • These trends will only become more pronounced — the gap in tech-smarts between today’s children and young adults is just as big, if not bigger than the gulf in preceding generations.
    • Incumbents must evolve or perish. Quality operators cannot rely on reputation alone.