Euro 2016: Blessing or Blight….

June 8 2016

Football benefits wet-led pubs. For virtually all other operators, it’s a negative


  • Wet led pubs perform strongly over football Euro 2016tournaments, food led units do not.
  • Sports-led units will clearly perform well.
  • Chameleon bars run the risk of alienating both groups of customers.
  • Hence it’s not just a case of plugging in ‘football’ and getting the answer ‘good’.
  • A disappointing run & swift England exit could actually be a lose-lose


  • Football is a bit like hot weather. It’s prima facie bad news for restaurants.
  • An early English (and Welsh) exit would be the best outcome.

Holiday companies:

  • On the margin, major spending decisions may be put on hold.
  • Recent evidence suggests a surge in bookings immediately following an England exit.
  • A swift exit would be helpful though this is largely a timing issue.
  • However, tour operators don’t want delirious supporters spending all their money on beer

Other leisure operators:

  • The performance of the betting companies will be determined by results
  • Indoor attractions (bowling, cinema etc.) will be net losers. The exception is 5-a-side football.


  • There is only so much money to be spent. The battle is over where this will happen.
  • Pubs should, net-net, benefit from the football & most other operators will be net losers.