UK Pubs – A Great Institution, but…

August 30 2016

Pubs have to be worked at, operators can’t rest easy:

  • Should be taken as read. Only sometimes, it isn’t…
  • Operators have limited control over weather, football, smoking bans, supermarket prices etc.
  • But they can determine their own behaviour – because if you can’t fill your beer gardens now?

Langton in the Lakes. On the ground findings. A few humble don’ts:

  • …stop serving food at 2pm if you say you’ll serve till three
  • …let your website get out of date / give incorrect information
  • …leave your two Belgian Shepherds guarding the beer garden (and keeping it empty)
  • …have workmen drilling skirting boards (and creating clouds of dust) over lunchtime
  • …let the grass grow to thigh-height whilst advertising ‘beer garden to rear’
  • …burn trash (cardboard & worse) in beer garden incinerators August lunchtimes

But do:

  • …remember you’re serving drinks that can be had at a fraction of the price in the off-trade
  • …acknowledge that punters need a reason to visit
  • …remember that, even in tourist destinations, it’d be nice to see customers more than once


  • Langton loves pubs
  • Really, it does but, and it’s a big but, they need to work for their money