60 Seconds – An Autumnal Chill

October 6 2017

Weather: A British obsession?

  • Here at Langton we regard it our national duty to speculate on the impact of our variable weather year on year.


Calendar Q3 – stark contrasts:

  • In 2016 we experienced a remarkably warm September with a mean temperature across the UK of 14.6°C, up 2.0°C on the average.
  • As you can imagine, this was a great time for pubs with beer gardens and day trips to outdoor visitor attractions (Thorpe Park etc)
  • However, it was not so good for woolly mittens etc. & had a less pleasant effect on gravy, soup, dessert and other FMCG sales
  • Indeed, Premier foods warned on profits due to the hot weather.


Cold this year:

  • September 2017 was 12.6°C on average, a whole 2.0°C lower than last year.
  • This noticeable drop will materially impact businesses that are sensitive to UK temperatures.
  • FMCG companies could be sitting on good news for calendar Q3. For pubs, etc., not so much.


A bit more detail:

  • Additionally, if you look at England, where 85% of the UK’s population lives, it was 2.5°C cooler in September this year compared to last.
  • This sharper drop, felt by a larger proportion of customers, could yield good results for FMCGs even amidst a slowdown in consumer spending.