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60 Seconds on Cinema (‘…struggling, sagged & faded…’)

A desperate situation?

Film is (or has been) a proxy for Leisure Park attendances.
But data from the US shows both production and demand wilting.
It had been hoped that rebooting 70s classic would revitalise the industry.

60 Seconds – An Autumnal Chill

In 2016 we experienced a remarkably warm September with a mean temperature across the UK of 14.6°C, up 2.0°C on the average. September 2017 was 12.6°C on average, a whole 2.0°C lower than last year. What effect could this change have had on the market?

60 Seconds on Experience, Esports, and Elusive Profits

If you want to sound like you know what’s up, just figure out a way to get ‘experience’, ‘esports’, ‘ping-pong’, and ‘food courts’ into a sentence or two. For example: ‘I’m so tired of boring old pubs serving evil, corporate lager — I’m much more into esports — more like THE sports, am I right! — and I love buying new experiences at my local food court. Most of all though, at the end of the day, I just want to drink cocktails and play ping pong in a basement somewhere.’

60 Seconds – Is a Bull Trap emerging in Hospitality?

A deteriorating situation on the ground? Pressures are building within the UK hospitality industry. GNK, RTN, FUL, COM, RIC & TAST have recently warned on profits & analysts have downgraded estimates for MARS, MAB & others. Which is odd as the July Coffer Peach Tracker suggests ‘It’s steady as you go for Britain’s managed pub…

60 Seconds: A Tale of Two Septembers

Out-of-home Leisure: Weather matters Structural trends in out-of-home Leisure have grabbed the headlines recently, resulting in a string of profit warnings. More and more operators are stepping forward to comment on soft summer trading across the industry. This is because of factors including oversupply, commodity inflation, rising labour costs, and extortionate rents. Year-on-year weather variation…